A Liturgy for Morning Prayer

   Over the centuries the people of God have developed a holy language of prayer. The Psalms, the Lord’s Prayer and other common prayers of the Church form in us the vocabulary and the grammar of prayer. When you pray these prayers with depth and intentionality it will transform your life!


     This liturgy draws upon these great prayers and will help guide you through seven movements of prayer: (1) an opening prayer of confession and assurance of our salvation; (2) prayerful readings from the Psalms; (3) a covenant prayer of allegiance to God's Kingdom; (4) prayers of petition and intercession; (5) contemplative prayer; (6) prayers for peace and grace; and (7) prayers which send us back into the world to work for good.

    Here's what we suggest find a quite place and take a few deep breaths, make sure you are comfortable. Sit quietly and in silence and invite the Holy Spirit to guide your prayers. When you feel prepared, begin slowly reading through each movement of prayer aloud. The entire liturgy will typically take 30 minutes.

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